Modular Office Hallway Designs at M Financial

M Financial Group provides financial services for businesses and individuals across its large network of member firms.

As its team remodeled its office in Portland, Oregon, they sought a partner to design three hallways that would pay tribute to the company’s history. They also wanted a modular design that could be updated easily for years to come.

After seeing Premier Press’s work designing NW Natural’s headquarters with imaginative and beautiful hallway displays, M Financial was eager to partner with our team to bring their vision to life.

M Financial Redesign 

M Financial’s goal was to achieve a classic, yet timeless, design that could adapt to the brand identity as it grows. 

Our team started by taking in the building’s architecture to envision hallways that would blend harmoniously with the existing space. Next, we assessed how to ensure every component of the design could be updated easily to ensure its longevity.

After agreeing on the vision, we completed the demolition, reconstruction, and the installation in less than three weeks, ensuring there was minimal disruption to M Financial’s team working in the office during renovations. The three hallways spotlight:

Company Founders: M Financial’s original four founders are memorialized on the eighth floor, featuring headshots and a short blurb about how the group charted a new path. Each headshot is enlarged and optimized for ideal print quality, although the photos were taken more than a decade ago.
Member Firms: One hallway showcases M Financial’s member firms, each of which is featured on its own plaque next to a brushed aluminum cut-out of the U.S. The map is pieced together to blend seamlessly with matching grain. Cut vinyl circles show clusters where M Financial’s partners are located. When we first started the design, their team had approximately 150 partners—and that number has already increased! The design allows M Financial to easily update the wall so it best reflects the current brand footprint.
Company History Timeline: M Financial’s history is on full display in the third branded hallway, starting with its founding in 1978. The timeline rail allows the date placards to slide around so more dates can be added, and its neutral color is easy to refresh or replace in the future.

Are you ready to transform your office with beautiful branded environments? Send us the details—we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

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