TriMet’s New Sustainable Office Design Honors Its Rich History

TriMet has served the Portland area for more than 50 years by providing bus, light rail, and commuter rail services that connect our communities and help them flourish.

After nearly 40 years in its administrative headquarters, TriMet prepared to move buildings and mark a new chapter in its growth. Given the company’s rich history in Portland, its leadership wanted to welcome employees to an innovative office that honors its past while providing a modern and flexible design that can adapt over time. 

Given our team’s work to transform NW Natural’s nine-story office building, TriMet was eager to partner with Premier Press and turn their dream office space into a reality—all in just six months. 

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Sustainable Office Design: Found Objects Bring History To TriMet’s New Location 

TriMet has a deep commitment to environmental responsibility and asked us to use as many found materials as possible when designing their new office space. After a day-long trip to their railyard, we had plenty of inspiration for striking installations that would create a unique office design that puts TriMet’s history on full display. 

Office visitors are greeted with a beautiful photograph of Tilikum Crossing overlaid with a backlit TriMet logo. TriMet designed Tilikum Crossing to reduce commute pressure on other bridges and give cyclists and pedestrians a new travel option. Learn more about the importance of Tilikum Crossing on the TriMet site

Old signal switches act as the perfect frames for premium plywood, which we printed on to create TriMet’s logo. New art can be added easily so that the lobby will always reflect TriMet’s branding.

TriMet office design wall art

We transformed rail pieces to mimic the TriMet logo in one of the office alcoves. Each piece of steel was sliced and water-jetted to restore its condition and blend an industrial feel with modern appeal. Within the orange circle we showcase actual bus and rail tickets from the 1900s. Because the original scans contained inevitable quality issues, we used AI technology to restore the vintage memorabilia. 

Each design element speaks to TriMet’s past and uses interchangeable or recyclable materials so TriMet can adapt the space as they continue to grow. For example, the office includes magnetic pictures and acrylic panels that can be swapped out or rearranged effortlessly. 

In addition to using recycled parts and found items, Premier created custom-made pieces using our metal fabrication capabilities, seamlessly blending old with new. 

A Fully Inclusive Partner For Branded Environments

Premier Press provided full support spanning design, fabrication, and installation to achieve TriMet’s vision. We partnered closely with TriMet at each step to ensure the project would fulfill their goals while staying within budget. Our team also worked directly with building contractors from the earliest stages so that all design needs were met—and TriMet could focus its attention elsewhere.

Are you ready to transform your office with branded environments? Get in touch—we’re eager to help.

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