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Guru Studio brings to life the colorful and exciting world of “Pikwik Pack,” a preschool adventure series where residents of a bustling town get magical packages delivered from Suki the hedgehog and her friends. To celebrate the debut of Guru Studio’s newest endeavor, they tasked Premier Press to help create one of the Pikwik Packs and send them all across the land to families who were ready to join in on the “Pikwik Pack” watch party on November 7th, 2020.  

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This was an exciting project for Premier Press to jump on for a myriad of reasons; the biggest one is that Guru Studio has already had a ton of success in the world of influencer marketing, and we were more than happy to help them bring out their ‘A’ game for this newest launch. For the debut of their latest animated series “Pikwik Pack” on Disney Junior, they wanted to celebrate the theme of delivery in the show by delivering a special package of their own to preschoolers across the country. Fifty influencers and their children from the United States and Canada received the Pikwik Party Pack in time to watch the series premiere. The party box is chock-full of fun activities everyone in the family can enjoy!

The box was created on a large format printer by applying adhesive vinyl to both sides and then printing. We also applied a gloss laminate to make the box truly stand out and appear bright and shiny. With printing on top of that, the box was adorned with a “spot gloss” effect as the final touch. The kit was then filled with all the goodies and activities perfect for an at-home watch party including gift tags, blankets, balloons, coloring books, posters, bubbles, fanny packs, sticker sheets, and notepads. Bringing all the products together into one cohesive package for children made them feel like they were receiving fun packages from the stars of the show themselves! Premier has been delving into sourcing promotional products for our projects, and sustainability is our number one priority.

Thanks again to Guru Studio for letting us be a part of this fun party pack for you and the fans of PikwikPack!

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