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“The long-awaited Ashes of Outland card set is now live, with the new playable hero class, Demon Hunter! Their weapons are the Warglaives of Azzinoth: ‘the blades grow green from things unseen, dark dreams whirling in the felfire gleam.’”

If all that makes sense, and excites you, you’re a part of the community of online gamers obsessed with the world of Hearthstone, a creation of Blizzard Entertainment. And a handful of influencers were the lucky recipients of a collectible kit announcing the launch. Premier Press was proud to design, build, and fulfill the kit.

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With inspiration from our client, marketing agency Tripleclix, we presented three ideas, and they chose the one with the most impact – a 36-inch-wide, 17-inch deep replica of the Demon Hunter’s double-bladed weapon, the warglaive. We built it out of stacked foam core infinity board, using our Zund flatbed cutter to individually custom-cut layers to create the cavities that would hold the Hearthstone swag: a heavy-duty windbreaker, ball cap, and Ray-Ban sunglasses, all printed with Hearthstone brand logo.

The kit also has a handle incorporated into the stacked, glued layers. The lid is color printed silver laminate, held in place by magnets embedded in the foam core, with a message to members of the Hearthstone community on the inside.

Those are the technical specs, but perhaps a better way to describe this kit comes from one of the influencers in his unboxing video: “How sick is that!?!?”

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