Murad Revitalixir Influencer Packaging

Life is stressful. Finding ways to relax can be difficult after always being on the go.

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Murad created a lotion to help with the stressors of life called the Revitalixir Recovery Serum.

Murad wanted to eliminate traditional lotion mixtures by having the oil-based spheres separated from a water-based gel. Once a purple ball is broken, however, active ingredients are released into the water-based gel. Some of those ingredients include: caffeine and wild indigo (for eye puffiness & dark circles), niacinamide & neuropeptide (for expression lines & refined texture), and cannabis & hyaluronic acid (for dehydration).

Premier was tasked to create packaging that was as innovative and exciting as the product itself. We delivered with packaging that visually communicated the bead story. An acrylic sphere was dipped to a custom match transparent brand purple and contrast white branding on the face of the sphere. A  double flange was created at the bottom of the sphere which contained the Revitalixir product and a dozen custom stress balls to further communicate the stress-relieving quality of the product in a playful way.

The result was a unique presentation that broke through the clutter and engaged the audience of influencers and media.

A spokesperson for Murad said the product and packaging response was sensational. One recipient stated that this was the most creative mailer she had ever received.

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