Pepsi Tailgate Box

Game on, everyone! While it may look different this year, football is back, and Pepsi is looking to bring the excitement of tailgating to the fans. When it comes to exciting tailgating however, we had quite a job on our hands. Because with tailgating at football games, the bigger the better! Twenty lucky sweepstakes winners received one-of-a-kind tailgate packages that Premier Press designed with the football fan in mind.  

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The Custom Tailgating Experience 

Premier Press helped create a fun and exciting tailgating experience, filling a crate to the brim with everything a football fan needs before the big game. First is a set of camping chairs, where we screen printed the Pepsi logo and made sure the blue of the chairs matched the soda company’s infamous color scheme perfectly. The twenty lucky fans also get to lounge in these custom chairs next to a matching specialty cooler with Pepsi’s name and logo along the sides. Also included is one of the fundamental aspects of tailgating: a cornhole set! Complete with two sets of bean bags – one blue and one red – this wooden set is also painted with the iconic Pepsi blue color and logo that has been around since 2008.  

It’s great to have refreshments, chairs to lounge in, and fun yard activities to play when waiting for the big game to start, but it’s just as important to have something exciting to watch the game on too! That’s why the tailgate box also includes a projector, projector screen, and speakers for the fans to get fully immersed in the game. It feels like you’re there at the stadium and not tailgating at home. A truly captivating experience that will have these lucky football fans skip the sports bar and throw a fun gathering at home! 

Our Photo Studio Gets in the Game 

These stunning photos of the Pepsi Tailgate Box were shot by our talented Photo Studio here at Premier Press. The Studio wanted to recreate the look of what the tailgating experience would be like at home, so they set up grass turf and a fence to simulate the look and feel of a typical backyard in the suburbs. Only this backyard is ready to go on football weekends! Our Photo Studio hosts many services: project management, color retouching, design, and much more. This amazing backyard tailgate setup is a glimpse into what our Photo Studio has to offer.   

Thanks again to Pepsi for letting us take part in this fun and exciting tailgating kit for the greatest of football enthusiasts. Congratulations to the sweepstakes winners! 

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