Serra Sales Kit

Serra, Purveyor of Quality Drugs, has grown a strong following in their home base of Portland, Oregon; elevating the cannabis shopping experience to sophisticated new heights.

This year they were ready to enter the California market and wanted to seed their products and introduce their unique brand identity to dispensary owners across the state. Their idea was to send more than just a sample kit; it needed to be a playful, exciting, interactive experience. So they invited Premier Press to collaborate, and we put our heads together.

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Serra offers a wide variety of different vehicles to deliver their THC, CBD, and combination products: flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, gumdrops, chocolate bars, and caramels. Each product is identified with an icon representing the “feeling” it will deliver to the customer: happiness, relaxation, energy, creativity, focus, and relief.

And then there’s the feeling of excitement that comes with simply opening the box. At first, it seems to be an understated but elegant white package. It has a premium soft-touch surface and Serra’s logo printed in their custom PMS brand color, with smooth magnet closures. But it opens to reveal subtle hidden doors and drawers that reveal other doors and drawers, each with a surprise inside.

For some of the products, there was no existing photography, so our in-house studio worked with Serra’s creative team to create new images. We’re especially proud of our gumdrop shots; they look as if you could pick them right off the box and pop them in your mouth.

Designing and engineering the many facets of the kit was a challenge we welcomed, and it was a pleasure to work so closely with Serra.

California’s cannabis dispensary owners are in for a treat. And so are their customers-to-be.

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