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StarCycle offers an indoor cycling experience that is unlike any other: a high-cardio, low-impact workout they describe as “a dance party on a bike, with lights down, music up, and candles lit for 45 sweaty, empowering minutes.”

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Founded in 2013, the company currently has 11 studios that are either open or in development, with a goal of 20 studio locations by the end of 2019.

To help StarCycle support that kind of growth, without weakening the StarCycle brand, Premier Press developed an online portal that lets studio owners order and pay for printed collateral as easily as they order products from Amazon.

“We’ve been thrilled with our experience so far.”

— Tracey Wyres, StarCycle Marketing Director

Marketing Director Tracey Wyres says the online portal takes the guesswork out of the entire design and printing process, so it’s easy for studio owners to get what they need to promote their business. At the same time, the corporate marketing team maintains control of the brand, which is especially important at this stage of the company’s growth.

The features of the online ordering portal include:

Customizable while maintaining StarCycle look and feel, logo, and colors.

Quick, easy online ordering, with familiar shopping cart and checkout experience.

Variable data fields for each franchise to enter address, phone and pricing information.

Real-time previews and online proofing.

In addition, the portal is helping StarCycle to be more strategic with their time and resources to scale for future growth. “We want our studio owners laser-focused on their studio,” Wyres says. “We want them to be spending their time on things that are going to move the needle from a business perspective.”

After years of experience with franchises and the boutique fitness industry, StarCycle’s leadership team understands the importance of choosing the right strategic partners. They chose Premier because of our shared values to deliver premium customer service.

“We look for people who are going to help us make decisions that set us up for long-term success, versus just looking at our relationship in the day to day,” Wyres says, noting that the recommendation to create a portal now was a great example of that proactive approach. “It’s more than just a business transaction. And I definitely feel like value system is shared in our partnership at Premier.”

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