Into The Woods Conference Signage and Backpacks Ready for Adventure

When you’re hosting a conference or event, your attendees should feel energized and inspired—not disappointed by a lackluster experience and cheap merch.

As Lincoln Design Co. planned Into The Woods, it knew that every small detail was crucial to create a truly remarkable experience like no other. Premier Press was excited to partner with their team on high quality signage and welcome packs that would amaze attendees from the second they walked in.

Attendee Welcome Gifts: Premium Backpacks Filled With Goodies and Printed Workbooks 

Premier conceptualized attendee welcome backpacks that perfectly reflect the event branding and provide attendees with useful, high-quality merchandise they would actually want to use during (and long after) the event. 

On arrival, attendees had everything they needed to take on the full conference experience. 

photo of backpack swag for the into the woods conference

The attendee welcome backpacks are filled with useful items, including reusable water bottles, socks, beanies, and materials we printed, such as fans and workbooks for the event sessions. The custom Premier Press logo places us within the event experience.

Each backpack features an awesome design from Lincoln Design Co. that matches the event branding. The design was dye sublimation printed onto the back.

The event backpacks were clearly helpful for attendees—look how many people brought theirs to the outdoor sessions.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what attendees actually said about the backpacks and custom merchandise:

“The Into the Woods promo bags were unbelievable. I was surprised by the amount of detail put into the backpacks. It was like opening up a bag full of precisely printed swag on Christmas morning. Everything from the hat, the pennant, water bottle, and the koozies were on point.” – Tim O’C.

“One of the highlights of The Into The Woods Conference was the Swag Bag. Where most design conferences go for the tote or paper bag, ITW went further than I have ever seen! A fully bespoke, custom illustrated backpack! It’s so good that it is now a part of my daily carry!” – James M.

“I was blown away by the swag bags and custom merch from Premier at Into the Woods. From the backpacks and water bottles to the beanies and socks, the quality and attention to detail was top-notch across the board. You all knocked it out of the park.” – Evan B.

“Everything that came in the bag was amazing and very high quality. From the workbook to the beanie it was all very appreciated and shows the quality of your company.” – Michael H.

High Quality Printed Event Signage

wayfinding sign at the into the woods creative conference

High-quality signs greeted attendees and guided them throughout the event. It’s easy to get distracted by the beauty of Skamania Lodge, so these signposts were crucial for helping everyone get where they needed.

Outdoor signage helped attendees engage in workshops and activities at their leisure.

We were thrilled to sponsor the inaugural retreat, and thank you to Lincoln Design Co. for hosting such an amazing event! We can’t wait for our next trip Into The Woods.

Are you looking for a printing and design partner for your next conference, event, or retreat? Send us a note—we’d love to learn more.

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