Urban Decay Naked Honey

Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palettes are one of the most popular makeup lines on the market and have been for a solid decade. There are reasons for that: variety and versatility. The palettes include eye-popping colors that give off a soft, natural look while also making sure to include more daring metallic colors that make a statement.  

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195313 Urban Decay Naked Honey
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The newest Naked palette from Urban Decay, Naked Honey, is filled with warm and rich colors like gold, bronze, amber, and brown. When Premier Press was given the opportunity to create a custom package for their new palette, we wanted to create something that was just as bold and beautiful as the eyeshadows that would be encased inside. 

Make it Pop with Specialty Techniques

A Premier concept from start to finish, this custom design was created specifically for beauty influencers. While the packaging may look more simplistic, it’s the design that makes it truly pop. The cover of the packaging makes use of a special technique of foiling the image first and then printing over the top. This allows the ink to take on a more reflective, illuminating quality that brings a burst of warm color to the cover and makes it stand out. 

100% Recyclable Packaging

On top of the beauty of the foil and ink, this packaging is also 100% recyclable. This is one of the first times we transitioned to cardboard inserts to display the products within, as opposed to foam. This gives the packaging a sleeker and more sophisticated look while still being environmentally safe and sustainable. Inside the cardboard inserts, the lucky influencers got a fun surprise; on top of the Naked Honey eyeshadow palette, they also received a tube of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, a must-have for any makeup artist who wants to look as fresh and polished as ever. 

Thanks again Urban Decay for letting us be a part of this fun project!  

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