Vetrotech Packaging

Vetrotech had quite a journey trying find an FSC-certified vendor that could provide a packaging solution worthy of their low-haze, high clarity architectural glass.

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As the producers of the clearest architectural glass on the market, the complex packaging needed to be as high quality and detailed as the product itself.

After working on the project for a year and a half and struggling with vendors, Vetrotech hit a dead end. They needed to find a solution fast due to a high profile meeting that would soon be occurring.

Premier Press came to the rescue and produced a high quality, complex packaging solution on an extremely quick deadline. Our team offered a staggered digital printing runs that allowed Vetrotech to achieve the quality they desired within the limited time frame. Within only six weeks, the job was done.

Vetrotech was delighted with the results of Premier’s work. The production and print quality, clarity, and detail on the packaging beautifully represent the product inside.

Our client, Lori says, “Premier’s impeccable quality on a tight deadline, FSC certification, and clear digital mockups saved the day. We walk around with the box admiring how beautiful it is. We couldn’t be happier.”

We are proud to be a trusted partner to Vetrotech.

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