Eye-Catching Window Graphics and Banners for CareOregon’s Office Building

CareOregon has connected Oregonians with dental, mental health, and physical care services for more than 30 years. As a nonprofit organization committed to addressing health equity, its team is constantly seeking new ways to reach more community members while maximizing the value of every outreach investment.

When considering how to promote its mission and drive ongoing brand awareness, the organization’s leadership saw an opportunity to leverage its office building in the heart of downtown Portland. By displaying bold window graphics and interchangeable banners, its team aimed to reinforce its values, engage new community members, and drive website traffic to connect people to the resources they need.

window graphics, building banners, environmental graphics
CareOregon’s corner office location provides optimal exposure for the branded window graphics and banners. The installations are clear vinyl printed with white and four colors, achieving a bright and high quality look.

Custom Window Graphics and Banners for Office Branding

Premier Press partnered with CareOregon to bring its office branding materials to life in crystal clear detail. We also developed a system to easily update or replace the banners and window graphics to reflect distinct seasons or new care offerings.

After customizing the specifications to work within all city permit ordinances and regulations, we activated our wide format printing and expert installation capabilities to help CareOregon turn its office exterior into a branding powerhouse:

window graphics, building banners, environmental graphics

Each window vinyl is expertly installed to ensure perfect alignment across the panels. Hanging banners on the building can be replaced easily using installed hardware and are made to withstand prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.

The organization’s mission is showcased with a QR code to allow people to easily visit CareOregon’s website on the go. The windows provide a mix of quick messages and short sentences to engage people who want to read more. 

window graphics, building banners, environmental graphics
window graphics, building banners, environmental graphics

The vinyl allows light to shine through, but the inside of the office is completely private from passerbys. The windows are readable from across the street and at several angles.

We printed each graphic and installed them overnight to ensure there would be no disruption to the CareOregon team. The entire project was completed in just a few weeks, and the displays can be updated effortlessly to reflect the organization’s latest campaigns or priorities.

Innovative Office Branding Ideas

CareOregon’s new window vinyls and banners exemplify how organizations can use their office spaces as a branding beacon. We’ve worked with countless teams to transform their office spaces, including these notable examples: 

If you’re seeking a print and design partner who can instill new life into your office with bold installations, contact us today. We’d love to discuss what we think is possible for your organization.

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