Selecting Window Display Materials

What goes in to the creation of a functional and aesthetic window display? Many people assume that it’s a simple as sticking a poster on to a window, however there are several important factors beyond simply knowing the dimensions of the space and performing site surveys. Geographical parameters determine outside and inside application, installation in

Raised Ink goes Digital

Raised Ink makes a tactile impression that stands out on marketing collateral, graphic design and any custom printed piece. Raised Ink is a cost-effective digital print solution giving both designers and marketers another tool to craft interesting collateral that achieves maximum response from a target audience. See the New! Raised Ink blog post Now I’m

Die Cuts Get Results

Eager to have a client, customer, or friend take a second look at your piece? Perhaps open and close it a few times out of interest? Even take time to assemble it? Die cutting can turn your printed design into a sculpture, a model, or an irresistible urge to see what’s inside. It can add

New! Raised Ink

Stunning Tactile Print Effect on our 7500S Indigo Digital Press Raised Ink makes a tactile impression that stands out on marketing collateral, graphic design and any custom printed piece. Our new Raised Ink is a digital print technology that creates an effect similar to thermography with some very positive differences. The print quality is clear

Sneak Preview the Waterfront Blues Festival Poster 2013

PDX Rocks – or rather Portland sings the Blues! July 4, 5, 6 & 7, Portland’s own Waterfront Blues Festival is recognized as the nation’s greatest blues festival. In 2011 London based, Essentials Travel Magazine, listed the Waterfront Blues Festival in the top 10 outdoor festivals in the US. Outside Magazine also listed the festival

True White Ink

Indigo Digital Printing White ink is here. Digital printing is rapidly morphing into a quality creative marketing avenue. No longer quick and dirty–expect high-quality reproduction, G7 certified color accuracy and utilize creative substrate and ink options. Short-run, highly targeted and personalized print pulls some of the best marketing returns of all communication channels. High-quality design

Nike Graphic Studio Poster Show–Raising Funds for CHAPS

Feed your soul with art and support children with serious health challenges. 50+ posters created and donated by designers from the Nike Graphic Studio on display at  Disjecta, June 15, 5pm-11pm.Meet the artists, enjoy libations, and pick up a limited print or two for an amazing cause.Proceeds of the show to benefit C.H.A.P. Childrens’ Healing Arts Project. CHAP

Resolution Recommendations

Since we offer such a wide variety of printing technologies customers aren’t always sure what is the correct file resolution for their project. There is no single answer, I always ask: Describe the finished product. How is it being printed? What kind of art?” The required resolution depends on the size of the final product

New Fujifilm Platesetter Improve Print Quality

We’re always looking for better, faster, greener ways to grow. We’re excited to say that our new Fujifilm Platesetter fulfills all of these criteria. Since we bought our last state-of-the-art platesetter, we have replaced presses, computers, inks, rips, proofers, and even a handful of our personnel (what can I say – we like it here!).

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