Event Posters and Branded Merchandise for The One Moto Show

Thousands of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts gather in Portland, Oregon, each year for The One Motorcycle Show, an epic event featuring custom bikes, premium gear, and mindblowing performances. 

The spectacle has become a beacon of motorcycle culture, attracting attendees from around the world. Ahead of its 15th anniversary, the organizers wanted to call back to old school motorcycle aesthetic and celebrate the show’s history with premium promotional materials and attendee merchandise that will stand the test of time.

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Branded Event Posters and Backpacks for Bikers and Enthusiasts

Organizers with The One Moto Show were impressed by our custom backpacks and branded materials for the Into the Woods creative conference, and they wanted to provide their attendees with equally awesome swag. 

Working again with our partners at Lincoln Design Co., we collaborated with the organizers to bring their vision to life and provide attendees with merchandise they’ll love. 

Promotional event flyers printed with four colors were available for free in shops across Portland leading up to the show to drive ticket sales and generate excitement. The bright colors and bold design immediately grab attention and harken back to retro motorcycle events.

A 32 page saddle stitch magazine features conversations with motorcycle enthusiasts and provides attendees with an exclusive takeaway.

A mesmerizing metallic event poster serves as perfect memorabilia. The poster was available for purchase at the show, adding a revenue stream for the organizers.

The large metallic posters are printed with four colors on a digital UV press and require testing to ensure optimal color balance and detail. Our printers can create larger posters than most standard printers and execute advanced techniques with pristine quality. 

Custom stitching and unique details give the backpack a distinctive edge, making it stand out. This premium custom merchandise enhances event branding and ensures lasting impressions.

High quality event backpacks replicate the event branding. The design was dye sublimation printed on the back, perfectly recreating the event logo.  

A Custom Design and Branded Merchandise Partner for Large Scale Events

Premier Press has worked with hundreds of companies and event organizers to create one-of-a-kind posters, backpacks, branded merchandise, and printed goods that create an unforgettable attendee experience.

To see what else we’re capable of, check out some of our recent work:

If you’re seeking a partner to bring your event branding and merchandise to the next level, reach out to us and tell us what you’re thinking.

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