Haus Labs Stupid Love Launch Kits

Lady Gaga has been thriving and leading the way in music for over a decade, and she has been bringing that same fierceness and style to her beauty brand, Haus Labs. This time is no exception. “Stupid Love” is the lead single off Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica, and the bright and exciting music video was the inspiration for Haus Labs’ newest eyeshadow palette of the same name. Premier Press was asked to be a part of their first music and makeup collaboration, and we could not be more thrilled. 

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Futuristic Chrome and Pink 

Lady Gaga’s music video “Stupid Love” is full of bright colors, movement, and energy. Haus Labs wanted this same feel and vibe to tie back to their brand with their new eyeshadow palette. Premier Press designed the vacuum-sealed packaging to match well with its’ music video counterpart. The packaging gives off a futuristic vibe while showcasing the “Stupid Love” logo printed on it, while Haus Labs’ embossed name from the box inside shows through. Within the futuristic packaging is the corrugated packaging – also covered in bright pink to match Gaga’s video – which holds the Stupid Love eyeshadow palette and Haus Labs’ eye-lie-ner in the “Punk” shade.  

To make Lady Gaga’s face pop off the box, we placed a metallic laminated sheet on the lid before the white ink for the backdrop of her photo. This way there is a hint of glimmer on Lady Gaga when the box is opened.  

Sustainability & Beauty 

It is important to us at Premier Press to make sure the packaging and projects we create are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. That’s why we love working with Haus Labs, because they have these same values. This packaging – sent out to beauty influencers and makeup artists – is fully sustainable except for the vacuum-sealed bag. Everything else is curbside recyclable. The beauty industry has been taking massive steps to be more eco-friendly with their products, so it’s only natural for the kits and packaging they are showcased in be eco-friendly as well. 

A huge thanks to Haus Labs for letting us be a part of this exciting new music and makeup collaboration!    

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