Mi Campo Tequila Poster

To launch Constellation Brands’ new tequila brand, Mi Campo hired world-class design firm Sandstrom Partners to create a poster and brochure that would intoxicate even the most jaded influencer.

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The poster is a creative marvel, and a technical one, too. The die-cut design was so detailed, it would have been impossible to achieve the desired quality by hand or with steel-rule equipment. Enter Premier. We took the vector artwork, applied it to a digital file, and fed it into our wide-format Zund rotary cutter. Voila! But there’s more: To hold up to the intricate cuts, the poster had to be printed on 24-point heavy card stock. Most presses can only take up to 16-point stock. But Premier’s four-color IS29 digital press handled it with ease.

The 64-page brochure was no less a triumph. We used two different inks and two different printer set-ups: four-color process UV ink to make sure the color photography held out and popped on the uncoated paper, and metallic gold ink to enhance the sheen. The cover was a coated sheet with gate folds on both the front and the back. And for the final touch of elegance and subtlety, Premier account director Justin Foeller suggested black saddle-stitch wire (instead of a standard silver staple) for the spine of the brochure. 

It was so popular with the influencers, Mi Campo asked us to do a second printing. And it was big hit at the 2019 Pacific Printing Industries Association Printrocks! competition, too, winning “Best of Posters, Art Prints, and Other Art Reproductions.”

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