Renaissance Commons Environmental Branding

Renaissance Commons is an affordable apartment building that houses 189 units in the Kenton neighborhood for the residents of North and Northeast Portland. It is part of the City of Portland’s North/Northeast Neighborhood Housing Strategy, and it helps lower income residents and families who have been affected by the continuous urban renewal practices in the North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods and keeps them in the city they know and love. The building is filled with different sized units, from studios to 3-bedroom dwellings close to public transportation, city parks, and fun coffee shops and restaurants. It was an honor to be a part of such an important project, and we couldn’t wait to help make this space feel more like a home.

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Wall Installations and Fun Designs

We had the opportunity to help create a fun and exciting statement for the residents and visitors of Renaissance Commons by printing in-house and installing some retro designs on the main level and on each floor’s entryway walls.

The first floor had various designs recalling the neighborhood’s varied industrial past. Designs were installed in the 1st floor entry space, mail room lobby, and community room. On the 2nd floor, Premier Press installed a geometric design filled with dark blue hexagons and diamonds that slowly taper off to the edge of the wall. On the 3rd floor, we kept with the hexagonal and diamond look, but also included other shapes such as stars and triangles. The 4th and final floor changes it up with the use of yellow instead of dark blue. This wall installation gives a lot for the eyes to look at due to not only the retro geometric shapes, but the tricky 3D effect it plays on your brain. Are they all diamonds? 3D cubes? Hexagons? The answer looks to be all the above!

We got to join forces with Peter Yue of LibertĂ© who created the overall branding art and concept. We partnered up with Contemporary Visions to help fabricate some of the pieces. Plus a huge shout out to REACH Community Development and MWA Architects for letting us be a part of this project.

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