St Germain

Client: St Germain

Challenge:  Introducing old-world decadency to the New World, St. Germaine, the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner.

Solution:  Let’s Party! Inspired by the debauchery of the roaring twenties, Sandstrom Design wove the shamelessly lascivious carousal scene into ingenious marketing collateral party items for a modern revelry. Party hats the required us to source 10,000 ostrich feathers, cocktail recipe books with a hundred different St. Germaine Recipes, Naughty Girl Postcards backed with recipes, posters, wall paper and more. UV ink, spot Premier Techkote, dull and gloss detail mirror the glamour of the liqueur.

Results: Engineered to package and ship flat, Naughty girls are sweeping America!