Adidas Ultra Boost Cookies and Cream Packaging

adidas celebrated National Oreo Cookie Day on March 6th with the launch of their signature Ultra Boost sneaker in a new Cookies n’ Cream color scheme.

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This mouthwatering black, white, and grey color combo is an instant classic that needed a bold influencer packaging solution to match.

adidas partnered with Roundhouse and Premier Press to complete their vision. The concept was to produce a large, milk carton style box with adidas branding and ‘nutritional’ facts printed on the side. Each side of the carton would open to reveal the sneakers and extra treats within.

The first side contained:
1 adidas Ultra Boost Cookies n’ Cream sneaker
1 branded, adidas glass milk cup
1 pair of matching socks

The second side revealed:
The second adidas Ultra Boost Cookies n’ Cream sneaker
1 sleeve of custom branded, Oreo cookies from Annie’s Pies

Our team took creative direction from Roundhouse to adapt and execute the project’s construction. We worked with the agency to develop compartment sizing and presentation. Since the carton would only be one-size, we had to adapt the construction to accommodate the variety of shoe sizes that would sent to different influencers.

The launch has gotten some amazing attention online: Sneaker News calls the shoe ‘delectable’ and Jaques Slade’s unboxing of the carton has received almost 300K views.

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