When Benefit Cosmetics tapped our Premier team to promote their new GIMME BROW VOLUMIZING PENCIL + EYEBROW GEL, we had no doubt, they had a hit on their hands. In the beauty business, Benefit means brows. And now, with the first brow pencil to combine fibers with powder, Benefit could deliver texture and fullness for an incredibly natural-looking effect. Add the GIMME VOLUMIZING GEL for the final polish? Game on.

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To jump-start Benefit product buzz, Premier was charged with getting the new GIMME products into the hands of the 700 VIPs and social media influencers on their contact list. Seeing is, after all, believing. Premier’s concept, BENEFIT TURNS UP THE VOLUME ON BROWS set the stage for a promo with just the right retro vibe.

In keeping with Benefit’s happy pink retro image, Premier designed a girly boom box, complete with heart-shaped speakers and a cassette tape. This fold over, 24-point C25 box with a mylar peek-inside window neatly housed the products (plus sharpener) and conveyed key messaging.  Each little boom box package was to be shrink-wrapped and with great care, sent to its rightful recipient.

This is where we hit a snag. With 12 shades in the product pallet, which shade would we send and to whom? To accurately test the product, the recipient would need a shade consistent with their own coloring. A logistical challenge, to be sure. So we took it one step at a time and got a working system in place.

  • Created an Excel document to identify skin tone of each recipient
  • Color-matched each person on the mailing list with product
  • Followed through to ensure the right color was sent to the intended recipient

Since opening its first ‘Brow Bar’ in 2003 at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco, Benefit Cosmetics has been the leader in a global, beautiful brow movement. The word is that Benefit took a trend, created a boom and gave brows an entirely new focus in the cosmetics industry. Premier knows the Benefit brand well and takes pride in keeping their products in the spotlight.

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