LOL Surprise! Rocking the Runway for Netflix

When MGA Entertainment introduced LOL Surprise! dolls and playsets to the K-through-middle school set in 2016, they kicked traditional marketing methods to the curb, opting to approach a bevy of well-selected social media influencers to create brand excitement. It worked. LOLs–Lil Outrageous Littles soon became a hot marketing phenomenon, winning the hearts and imaginations of fashionistas around the globe.

Netflix looked into the future and saw an opportunity. They decided to delight young fans with an official LOL Surprise! Winter Fashion Show for streaming and, in keeping with the social media strategy, asked Premier to design and develop an over-the-top promotion—something that would grab the attention of their influencers and start that oh-so-critical chatter.

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Premier creatives love a challenge and saw this as an opportunity to bring the story to life with some well-executed stagecraft. If Netflix was going to stream a LOL Surprise! Winter Fashion Show, Premier would set the stage with a runway for fans and their dolls.

We designed and constructed a corrugated, 34” x  17” box that opens to reveal a detailed fashion show set. As the box is opened, spotlights are activated, a runway made with soft floor mat material can be pulled out, and two LOL dolls plus eight mini LOL dolls are there to get the show started. Because no fashion show is complete without a plethora of accessories, we included a pink feather boa, drama queen glasses, a hat, a handbag, pink popcorn and other glittery essentials.

  • LOL Surprise! has a global following and a major presence in toy departments everywhere
  • The surprise element: each doll is a multi-layered, unboxing experience — every accessory has its own tiny container to open
  • The world of LOL has expanded dramatically since its early days, relying exclusively on social media to reach target audiences and fuel brand popularity

In the end, Premier made the LOL Surprise! Surprise Winter Fashion Show is a dream come true for 135 lucky runway recipients. UPS delivered the final product to respective doorsteps, on time and on budget. The positive feedback was even better than we expected—a remarkable number of social media impressions were made.

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