NYX Cooler Influencer Kit

Makeup junkie? Prepare yourself for a project you’re going to love.

NYX Professional Makeup has a new line of cruelty-free plumping products to empower every proud makeup junkie to live, dream, and experiment at their fullest volume: Plump Right Back Primer + Serum and the Plump Finish Setting Spray.

These supercharged products are full of electrolytes and potential and nothing less than an electrifying product launch would do for this LA-proud cosmetic company.

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Electrifying Product Packaging

Supercharged with electrolytes, this product duo is best served cooled. NYX Cosmetics approached Premier with the idea that they would send their new line of products inside a customized mini-fridge encouraging users to keep the products chilled for the best results.

Fun-size for the desk, our team set to work designing around the confines of the fridge. We started with a logo on the front that was sized, cut, weeded, and applied to the refrigerator.

We created additional sticker packs to be included on the inside so recipients could customize their fridge to their unique style.

The inside of the fridge came equipped with a bridge that would be the perfect space to house the included NYX application sponge. Opting for a die-cut box that was digitally printed using a 4-color process our team specifically designed the sponge’s packaging around the width and depth of the bridge.

On the left-hand side, we arranged to fit the fridge’s accessories and cords behind the main product packaging and corresponding collateral card. The chosen lightning bolt design was our nod to the electrifying power of the electrolyte-infused product.

We Ship This Product Duo

Not wanting the fridge to shift and damage the product in transport, Premier was asked to design, develop and manufacture a custom shipper.

Our team opted for a flexo printing technique onto a corrugate using a single-color print method. To keep the fridge in place we also crafted die-cut inserts.

Our team handled the logistics and promptly shipped the product to 70+ influencers and superfans of NYX Cosmetics.

Whether you’re looking for a partner for influencer marketing or looking to create a custom package for your product or a bag that can carry it all, we would love to talk! Contact us today.

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