Great Design to Combat Climate Change

The Green Patriot Poster exhibition opens August 8, 2014 at Wieden & Kennedy. The exhibition displays beautifully designed posters created to raise awareness and support the battle against global climate change. In support of this green initiative, Premier Press reproduced the artwork using sustainable UV voc free print direct-to- board, a recycled/recyclable material. The posters’

Portrait of a Family Business

“The difference between a doer and a dreamer is action! Do what it takes to make your dreams come to life! Life in our family was about printing, lithography, and stripping challenges (traditional film imposition — a thing of the past). My parents’ dream was to operate their own business. 1974 was lift-off. Pep (Arnold)

Turkey Traders

Pavo, Peace Eagle, Guinea Fowl, the turkey, Genus Meleagris, a colorful bird with a colorful history. In the 1540’s merchants who brought birds, the Guinea Fowl, from Madagascar through the country of Turkey, earned the nickname of Turkey Traders (after the country). The nickname migrated to the bird which people began to call Turkey Fowl.

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