True White Ink

Indigo Digital Printing White ink is here. Digital printing is rapidly morphing into a quality creative marketing avenue. No longer quick and dirty–expect high-quality reproduction, G7 certified color accuracy and utilize creative substrate and ink options. Short-run, highly targeted and personalized print pulls some of the best marketing returns of all communication channels. High-quality design

Marketing a Message? How to Get Heard!

Content management is a capacious buzzword. It is somewhat ironic, considering ours is an age of “bumper sticker” communication. Quick one-liners sound good but are not exactly content heavy. We love sound bites. It’s easy, it’s fast and we don’t have to give it our full attention. Our slogan, for example, Think Green, is obviously not

National Print Day

The Real World starts here. On the edge of the Pearl district a group of cinematographers filmed the intro of MTVÂ’s Real World. The print world had a REAL interesting year. What was real about it? A year companies used green washing methods, such as save paper, don’t print, suggesting computers were more environmentally friendly

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