True White Ink

Indigo Digital Printing

White ink is here. Digital printing is rapidly morphing into a quality creative marketing avenue. No longer quick and dirty–expect high-quality reproduction, G7 certified color accuracy and utilize creative substrate and ink options. Short-run, highly targeted and personalized print pulls some of the best marketing returns of all communication channels. High-quality design and reproduction is imperative to get the full value—maximum response—out of marketing campaigns. Quality, not quantity, characterizes results-driven direct marketing programs.

Now add white to the design palette.

Create and design an entirely unique sensory experience. Pick a paper rich in color and use white ink for a message. Try a white halftone on black paper. Use clear synthetic papers with a white message or a white panel under a photo for a translucent but clear message. White on metallic substrates makes for a strong and bold presence. Alternatively, go for a soft look on a pastel paper or light metallic colored paper. Print labels, invitations, direct mail, corporate marketing, point-of-purchase, greeting cards, postcards, business cards and more.  (Flag is printed 4CP on Environment Desert Storm)

One-color, white?

Try using Reich Paper Shine, Midnight 107# cover, (an intense dark blue, just one of several beautiful colors) that sparkles in the light. Print your message in white. Printing one-color, white, can be beautiful and dramatic, yet simple. A solution that can fit tight budgets—and not look like it.

Full-color imagery – put a little white behind it to make it pop!

Adding a little white to the highlight areas only creates a fantastic artistic touch. Use Gimp to create 3c posterized art, print on a colored sheet and use white as one of your colors. By using white as under color, over color, or screening introduces a wealth of creative possibilities.
Learn more at posterizeit/gimp or  watch howto/youtube

Papers that Rock!

Select interesting stock such as Reich Paper Shine (colors with a metallic sheen: Onyx, Moss, Bronze, Copper, Midnight, Pewter, Sand and more.) Mohawk Digital offers intense and richly saturated colors on an uncoated sheet with a slight vellum finish. Some of the great color offerings are Rhodamine, Yellow, Black, Red, Forest Green, Deep Blue, Urban Gray and Coco. Environment is a great solution for an earthy look. ItÂ’s a beautiful, uncoated paper with a nice texture and rich look in tones like Desert Storm (think brown paper bag), Green Tea and Cosmos Black. Or use a true classic, Classic Crest, which has a very refined finish and prints beautifully. It is perfect for corporate or business piece, but a great working sheet for anything. It comes in some wonderful colors that pairs very well with white ink; Windsor Blue, Saw Grass, Tarragon, Pewter, Patriot Blue, Canyon Brown, Epic Black, Red Pepper and more!

Labels anyone?

Try using silver metallic or gold label stock. White ink can help make a label look foil stamped without adding the additional step.

Translucent or Clear substrate needed?

White is the solution. Put the copy in white or put the white behind imagery or logos for color hold out. True White Ink means the Paper Color is Your Choice! Designers are no longer limited to a white sheet. Increased color palette opportunity, multiplied design effect possibilities, and still keep a digital budget. Offset white ink can be beautiful, but quality production requires printing on a large format press with white UV inks to achieve the full white effect—too costly for short run or variable personalization. Digital white ink is like having white foil inline on press. Have fun! Ideas? Call us to talk about options.

Let’s test it out!

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