National Print Day

The Real World starts here. On the edge of the Pearl district a group of cinematographers filmed the intro of MTV’s Real World. The print world had a REAL interesting year. What was real about it? A year companies used green washing methods, such as save paper, don’t print, suggesting computers were more environmentally friendly

Printed Color Goes Bad! CMYK vs. RGB

CMYK vs. RGB Monitors, digital cameras and scanners use RGB (red, green,blue) to produce color while the printing process uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Each process blends colors to produce a full range of color. Some colors do not reproduce well in 4-color process. Color intensity and increase of the actual color gamut can

Printed Color Goes Bad! EQUIPMENT & PERSONNEL

Equipment & Personnel Resources Not all printing equipment is the same and not all press operators produce the same quality work. Digital presses range from a glorified color toner style copier to a close-to-offset quality with a liquid ink. Smaller offset presses do not have the extensive roller system to lay down ink evenly and

Printed Color Goes Bad! COLOR REPRODUCTION

Color Reproduction Crashing surf, brilliant sun, blue sky, mega-ripper riding a curl in your client’s brilliant orange board shorts, totally bitchin, and jumping off your screen. Now translate that into a printed catalog cover. Monitors transmit light, achieving the broadest spectrum of color and intensely displaying every detail from shadow to highlight. Printed color, on

Printed Color Goes Bad! RESOLUTION

RESOLUTION Isn’t this image great? I found it on the web. And yes, it looks great on screen, however, printed color requires a much higher resolution. Image resolution is measured by the number of dots/pixels per inch. To produce rich detailed color on a printing press, generally 300 dpi is recommended. An image used on

Printed Color Goes Bad! CALIBRATION

Calibration “Oh that, the monitor I bought 5 years ago came color calibrated.” Calibration should happen annually, at the very least, and monthly or bi-monthly if you handle critical color. This will help ensure the most accurate color match from screen to proof to press. Understand that individual printing companies have different press standards and

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