Powell’s Fragrance Box

Powell’s Books is an internationally known independent bookstore that brings in thousands of locals and tourists to its stores. Due to COVID-19 forcing the closure of not just Powell’s, but bookstores all over the country, there was no doubt people were missing the allure of wandering into a 68,000 square foot bookstore and meandering through the

Nike Force – Soho, NY

Premier Press helped create and implement the retail graphics and customization of Nike’s newly opened interactive flagship store in Soho, NYC. This interactive lifestyle store consists of five floors, each with their own unique experience. Our project management team, with services on the ground in NYC, handled a considerable lift in a short time-frame to

Columbia Sportswear Retail Campaign

Columbia Sportswear Spring 2018 Bridge the Gap Columbia Sportswear was looking for a unique store refresh to launch the Spring 2018 Casual Outdoor initiative. Inspired by their brand’s ability to bridge the gap between urban and outdoor, Columbia teamed with InnerWorkings and Premier Press to create a structural window display simulating a Truss bridge. The

Lucas Bols Mini Bar Popup

Lucas Bols wanted to increase its exposure in local markets by partnering with their distributors at local events. Rather than have a standard booth, Lucas Bols designed a unique mini bar that matched their brand in quality and feel. Premier Press executed this design using 1” plywood printed on our flatbed press and coordinated construction

2 Hemispheres / Oakley Waikiki Retail Signage Program

88 graphics. One week to install them all. Premier’s expert knowledge of 2D and 3D retail environments allowed us to successfully produce and install these graphics within a rushed timeline. Our team worked through the night, making last minute size adjustments, armed with only product screenshots and determination. Nothing shows Premier’s ability to adapt and

Oregon State Lottery Ticket Kiosk

Challenge Produce a cost-effective point-of-purchase kiosk for distribution to multiple doors across Oregon. Large enough to get attention, strong to withstand rough use and it must hold a deck of trivia cards. Tight budget constraints were a problem. Solution Engineering is the difference. Our in-house team designed a fold and ship flat solution with easy

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