TriMet’s New Sustainable Office Design Honors Its Rich History

As TriMet prepared to move headquarters after 40+ years, the company wanted to create an office space that preserves its history while providing a flexible design that can adapt for years to come. Premier Press was up for the task, blending found objects from TriMet’s railyard with fabricated materials for stunning installations.

Columbia Distributing

Based here in the Pacific Northwest, Columbia Distributing is one of the country’s largest – and growing — beverage distributors. In an effort to modernize their business, scale appropriately for growth, and a desire to provide an up-leveled branded work environment for their employees, Columbia Distributing decided to tap into the creative forces of Tractor

Renaissance Commons Environmental Branding

Renaissance Commons is an affordable apartment building that houses 189 units in the Kenton neighborhood for the residents of North and Northeast Portland. It is part of the City of Portland’s North/Northeast Neighborhood Housing Strategy, and it helps lower income residents and families who have been affected by the continuous urban renewal practices in the

Field Office Environmental Branding

The designers and developers of the Field Office understand the importance of every detail in creating a positive impact on the environment — and a positive experience for everyone who spends time in the building. One of those details is environmental graphics; they offer many practical and psychological benefits throughout the building. And that’s where

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