Ann Sacks Outdoor Living

Ann Sacks Outdoor Living brings alfresco design inspiration to life in a striking tile collection showcased with vibrant photographic precision. Designed to inspire, the booklet features exterior installations using Ann Sacks pool and spa tiles, pavers and outdoor stones in creative ways, demonstrating how outdoor living spaces can be created with beautiful tilework. The photography

University of Oregon Viewbook

You never get a second chance at making a lasting first impression. And for colleges looking to recruit incoming freshmen, this couldn’t be truer.   The University of Oregon’s viewbook is among the first pieces of printed exposure students have to the school and one of the touchpoints into the University and all it has to offer prior to making

Ann Sacks Tile Box

Ann Sacks brings character, style, and innovation to homes everywhere. From ceramic to terra cotta, only the most superior of materials grace Ann Sacks’ showrooms around the world. To showcase the beautiful tiles they offer, Premier Press helped create the Ann Sacks Tile Box, complete with tile samples and other goodies inside.  The main challenge Premier Press faced with this

Kita Lookbook

Kita is a high-end real estate developer. How high-end? Let’s just say that if you purchase the $25 million condo, they’ll throw in a Rolls Royce. The company aims to sell their properties before they’ve even broken ground, using a “look book” to showcase all their premium materials and designs. Needless to say, the book

Mi Campo Tequila Poster

To launch Constellation Brands’ new tequila brand, Mi Campo hired world-class design firm Sandstrom Partners to create a poster and brochure that would intoxicate even the most jaded influencer. The poster is a creative marvel, and a technical one, too. The die-cut design was so detailed, it would have been impossible to achieve the desired

Univox Media product brochures

This project was a classic collaboration with our client Univox Media and his go-to designer Lia Miternique. Univox (“one voice”) provides a unique service to media buyers, by consolidating audio, video, and digital options for advertisers to reach their target audiences. They wanted an entire identity and collateral package to showcase and differentiate their offerings,

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